Sunday, January 11, 2015

Christmas in the Kitchen

A few days ago I shared my little burlap "wallpapered" shelf with it's Christmas decor.  Today I'm revealing (very late I might add) my kitchen bookcases that I use for dishes. I've shared lots of transformations of these shelves the past couple of years.  I think this one is my favorite. In fact I haven't taken it down yet because I like it so much. Alas I will take it down this coming week though.

I used my silhouette cameo to cut contact paper and used it like a stencil to create the chalkboard lettering. My little Christmas pumpkin made an appearance again this year.

Most of my Christmas decorations I had or I made. I bought very few things this year. This pine garland I picked up last year at work and added the red berries to brighten it up a bit.

I did buy those scented pine cones and filled a couple of bowls, as well as scattered some individually around the house. Although they are really strong smelling when in a huge box full of them at the store, at home I barely noticed the scent. Of course my nose is probably so accustomed to them from working at the store.

My Eiffel Tower got a tiny touch of bling with one of my glittered word ornaments. Peace. A precious commodity in this violent world. Christmas reminds us that one day, peace will reign on earth.

I did very little to this shelf except to remove the bowls, replace the plain white plates with some red and white ones and pop some red berries in the vintage silver creamer and sugar.

This shelf also remained the same except to remove what I had on top of the plates and bowls and place a single scented pine cone in the center. I made the red ticking napkins this year.

The shelf on the right got the same garland treatment.

This shelf got more changes. I did keep the green glass plate and tarnished sugar and creamer on the top shelf, but everything else was taken off. My silver coffee pot holds more red berries.

I also bought a few spools of this ribbon at the store. I love the chalkboard look with white script. 

Except for the silver platter, everything else on the middle shelf got the boot. I introduced some of my favorite mercury glass pieces.  The little fluted bowl on the right is one I created using mirror spray paint and vinegar to create the mercury glass look. I filled it full of faux white pips.

Finally the bottom shelf holds a bowl with more scented pine cones, my little pine cone tree I made a couple years ago, and a little tin pot with a grapevine ball. I made the pine cone tree a couple of years ago. I just used a styrofoam cone and hot glued pine cone scales to it, then brushed a little silver paint onto the tips of the scales.

The little tin pot on the left got coat of white chalk paint. I put a little moss on top and set a little grapevine ball on it. I did buy a few of these "grape clusters." They are actually little jingle bells painted brown with a glittery coating.

I have a couple more belated Christmas posts coming up, then it's on to the New Year!

Peace and blessings to you!

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  1. I enjoy seeing Christmas posts more now, after the rush of the holidays, when I have time to take them all in. Your shelves are wonderfully decorated and I can see why you've left it up. Love that pine garland and how smart of you to attach red berries to it - that just "makes" it!

  2. I love your little treasures, and the white dishes were really perfect for the Christmas decorations.

  3. Deborah!
    I found you! This is such a cute post! Love how you made the mercury glass with vinegar and mirror spray paint ~ totally clever! I'm liking your red toile curtain. I've been looking to make new curtains for our buffet table (formerly a 1940's ugly-to-me, mid-century modern Danish maple coffee table, found at the base thriftshop I worked at back in my late 20's. It was yellowish with flecks of brown and black paint all over it! ugh!).

    Anyway, happy to have found your blog! And, I was finally able to add you to mine. :)
    Have a wonderful weekend,
    Barb :)

  4. Your white shelves are wonderful!!! Oh my goodness.. I would want to leave them up all winter too. And I love the addition of the red berries to the garland. I would never have thought of it. Everything is perfect! I hope you had a wonderful start to the New Year! :)
    I'm so sorry I haven't by in a while, Deborah. :( Haven't felt chatty or particularly social. Hope to see you more. Blessings!


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