Monday, January 5, 2015

Christmas Shelf Display

Happy New Year!  Do you love the fresh start of a new year like I do? There is just something exciting about it.  A chance for a new start...a clean slate. Before I can wipe off my slate though, I want to share some of my Christmas decor with you. I just never seem to have the time to do that before the holidays.

I have this odd little area between our living room and kitchen/dining area. There is a half wall with a small shelving unit at the wall end of it. Last year I painted the shelves white and used liquid starch to "wallpaper" the inside of the shelves with printed burlap. Anytime I want to take it down, I can just spray it with water and peel it off.

It's a very difficult area to photograph because the west facing windows adjacent to it glare into the camera.  I almost have to use flash to get a picture of it.

This little paper wreath is made just like my larger one, except this time I hot glued the paper on. It fit perfectly in one of the shelves. I added some old wood cranberry beads to it for Christmas. I didn't want them to be permanent, so I just wrapped them on with some fishing line. You have to be very close to even see it.

I cut a really long piece of the fiishing line, then tied it to itself  behind the wreath. I misjudged how long I needed so I had to cut a second piece, but it worked fine. I ran the line through each of the beads twice, which kept the beads from moving around once I set them where I wanted, but I could still adjust them as needed. The fishing line just disappears against the white wreath.

The red radio was a gift for my husband several Christmases ago. It fit into the color scheme perfectly.

 I love this little wooden chest.  It was a wedding gift that a friend refinished for us. I keep the floral headpiece that I wore for our wedding in it.

I'll be sharing some more of my Christmas decor over the next couple of weeks. I took an extra week off from the party, but it will be up tomorrow evening!  Hope to see you there.

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  1. Very different and quite lovely.

  2. Hello dear Deborah! Your wreath is very beautiful and charming! And it looks perfect on the shelf :)

    Have a wonderful Tuesday! Hug!

  3. Hi Deborah, love this shelf area and the way your decorated it for Christmas. Love the backdrop with the burlap fabric. Your wreath is gorgeous and I love how you added the red berries for a pop of color. Your radio is a special treasure.
    Happy New Year and blessings to you!

  4. Pretty vignettes! Love the burlap backing of the shelves, adds wonderful texture and highlights the accents prettily:) love the beautiful paper wreath! Hugs, Poppy

  5. What a pretty shelving unit. Not something I can see going into a self storage unit any time soon for sure. This is something to be taken out every year to show off!


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