Tuesday, April 22, 2014

What We Accomplished Wednesday #51

Want to be a pin-up girl? Join the party, and if you are featured, I'll pin your project to my Green Willow Pond Features Board!

Last week I had the privilege co-host Robin's party, Fluster's Creative Muster at Fluster Buster.  She and I were both amazed at the number of linkups!  Because our parties are on the same day, I just replaced my usual party with hers.  I am still doing my features as usual though.

I am typing this as I get over a bout of flu, so if I make some mistakes, please forgive me.  My stomach is still a little queasy, my head is pounding, and I feel like I've been run over by a truck! So I am going to just launch right into the features.

Celestina Maria, from Southern DayDreams, shared how she created a boxwood wreath for a lot less than store bought.  I love how she displayed it on this old window and created a little "window box" below it.

This beautiful peony wreath is actually made from dyed coffee filters!  Marci, from Stone Cottage Adventures, shares how to make your own.

I am a sucker for white painted furniture with dark stained tops.  This night stand and bedroom set painted by Melanie, from Lost and Found Decor, turned out beautifully!

Michelle, from That Mommy Blog, created a functional and beautiful entry for her kitchen mudroom. I love the combination of a gallery wall and big baskets for organization.

Every now and then a girl needs a little sparkle in her life.  This beautiful, Easter tablescape, by
Alma from The Tablescaper, has plenty of sparkle and shine.

This lemon honey tart, made by Suzanne of Simply Suzanne's at Home, had my mouth watering the instant I saw it!

Now it's your turn.  Show us what you've accomplished.  Can't wait to see what you've been up to!

The Simple and Easy Rules

1. Only projects you have made/accomplished pretty please. Items for sale are okay, as long as they are in tutorial form, and linked to your blog post.  No links to shops or Etsy stores, or round-up posts of others projects please.  Link up to 3 posts - please link posts new to this party.

2. Linking back to the party (text or button) within your post is very much appreciated . You can grab a button from the side bar if you like.

3. By linking up here, you are giving me permission to feature you here, on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and/or Pinterest.  I'll only use 1-2 pictures from your post and link back to you. Then people will be flocking to your blog to read all about it!!  Spreadin' the love around baby!
Most importantly, go visit some of the links because otherwise it wouldn't be a party would it? 

I am no longer automatically adding you to my email list to send out reminders about the party. If you want a reminder each week, just use the little sign up form below. You will only be signing up for party notifications. I will not use this list for anything else, nor will I ever share it with anyone. ever. period.


Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Isn't About Bunnies and Eggs

Easter is a wonderful day filled with the delight of children discovering their Easter Baskets, Easter egg hunts and Easter bunnies.  I don't have a problem with any of that and in fact I still give my grown children an Easter basket each year...at least until they are married and on their own ;)

But Easter is so much more.  In fact bunnies, eggs and candy filled baskets have nothing to do with Easter. I don't often share my personal life and beliefs on this blog.  I hope you will bear with me as I do so today.  I am unashamedly a Christian. It is not something that I claim in my own pride. It is a priceless gift that I am honored to be called and so unworthy of.

What Christ went through for me is unthinkable. He knew ahead of time all the screw-ups, let downs and outright sins I would commit. He did it anyway.  He could have said one word and stopped all the suffering he went through.  He did it anyway.  He could have spoken the word, and his tormenters would have been dead on the ground.  He did it anyway.

Whether you chose to believe or not, He did it anyway...for you, for me, for every human who ever lived or ever will live. Such love is unfathomable.  Whether you choose to believe or not, you need to know that Someone loves you that much.  Amazing.

I've embedded a clip from the Passion of Christ starring Mel Gibson.  It is extremely graphic and very upsetting.  If you have a weak stomach, you may not wish to view it.  I had to turn away at times.  I cried. But it is the truth of what Easter is really all about.  The crucifixion was horrifying, but Easter is about the Ressurection.

Jesus didn't stay in the grave.  He rose again.  Because of that, if we choose to believe in him, turn from our sin and accept his free gift of Salvation, we too will rise again.  Forever is a long time. Never ending. How you will spend it depends on one decision.  Will you follow him or not?  For me, the alternative is unimaginable. We tend to think of hell more as a swear word than an actual place.  Hell will be unbearable, and yet many will have to bear it...forever. Never ending. But it doesn't have to be that way.  Jesus gave us all a way out. But we have to accept it.

If you think you can't because you don't deserve it, you are right.  None of us do.  "But," you say, "my sin is too great, God will never love me."  He does anyway. He gave up his only Son because he loved you so much, no matter what you've done.

You say you don't want to be lumped in with a pack of hypocrites who go to church on Sunday and turn around on Monday and go right on sinning. There will always be hypocrites.  There were plenty in Jesus time and there are plenty now.  It doesn't matter.  It isn't about them.  It's about you and Him and your eternal life.

You say you don't want to be a part of so called Christians who act all holier than thou.  Then don't be holier than thou.  Yes there are so called Christians like that, but there are also many who are not.  They realize we are just sinners saved by Grace.  And we still screw-up sometimes, because we're human.

Don't let false Christians turn you off to the One who truly loves you.  In the end it doesn't matter about them. What matters is whether you have accepted Him or not.

If you dare, watch this video and think about the sacrifice this Man made for you. Whether you choose to believe or not, you at least need to know what He did for you. You need to know how very much He loves you.

If you made it this far, thanks for listening. You, my readers mean so much to me.  I am not here to judge you whether you believe or not. I just wanted to share this greatest of love with you, and let you know I love you too.



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