Saturday, May 21, 2011

Dream Kitchen on a Shoestring

I've been dreaming of my "dream kitchen" for years. Too many other things have had to come first, like a new roof, septic system, windows, college, etc. etc. I still haven't won the Publisher's Clearing House sweepstakes soooo...I'm going to get as close to my dream kitchen as I can on a shoestring budget.

My files are full of pictures of kitchens that I love. Here's a few of my favorites:

I just love this open shelving against the beadboard that Mikey at Shabby French Cottage just posted recently.  I have a wall that eventually I'd love to add cabinets to, but in the meantime I love this look and it would give me much more storage for my special dishes.

I drooled over this island the minute I first saw it at the Secret Garden Cottage.    I love that galvanized top!  Wonder if I could do that to my buffet top?

I love this black island from Recaptured Charm,  as well as Lisa's cabinets in the photo below.  I will be adding trim to the front of my cabinet doors in much the same way she did.  This color of white is closer to what I want on my cabinets too.  Isn't her kitchen just yummy?

Another favorite is the kitchen below, at Low Tide High Style.  I'm loving the darker counters against the white cabinets.  That little cabinet next to the refridgerator is adorable too.  I need a place for cookbooks.  That might work.

Just putting them together has helped me to see what I really want. White cabinets, beadboard, an island, dark countertops and a wood floor. We currently have a wood laminate floor that will work, although someday I'd like real wood. My cabinets are sturdy, but outdated. Some trim work, paint and beadboard wallpaper (that I already bought last year), will take care of them.  I might turn an old buffet I have into an island.

As far as the beadboard, I've got a stash of that my husband got free from work.  No, he didn't steal it.  It was some that would have gone to the scrap heap because it was the wrong something or other, or maybe had some damage.  I also picked up 2 unopened gallons of Behr white paint last year at the Habitat Restore for half off.  I'll have to mix it with something to tone it down a bit.  I don't want stark white, but rather a soft white like the second and third pictures above.

For now, I'm still scraping ceilings, in between cleaning out flower beds.  We just had two beautiful sunny days after a very cold, wet spring, so I had to get down off the ladder and get outside!  I have 3 weeks before Tyler's graduation party.   Think I can make it?  Probably not, but if I just get the ceilings and cabinets done in time,  I'll be happy. 


  1. I know you can get your dream kitchen...even if it takes a little longer than you think, because I did it! I'm so flattered that you consider my kitchen as an inspiration for your own, especially among those other beautiful kitchens...thank you! Like you, I gathered up pictures and my dream kitchen lived in my head for years until finally I got it 2 years ago! All of your inspiration photos are gorgeous and I know you will get exactly what you want because you already have the vision!

    Please keep me posted on the progress and congratulations to Tyler on his graduation!

    Kat :)

  2. Thank you! I feel so honored to be in your dream kitchen line up!
    ~Mikey @ Shabby French Cottage

  3. I love the fourth picture with the scale on the counter. Those cabinets would fit my kitchen perfectly.

    I'm sure you can get everything done by the graduation. Think positive. :)

  4. All your inspiration kitchens are lovely! Can't wait to see how you mix and take parts of them for your own. How exciting!

  5. Love these kitchens! I love Kat's kitchen too it is just gorgeous! I know that you will be able to incorporate these into your kitchen and make it your own, you are so talented and creative. Have fun!!!

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