Thursday, May 19, 2011

Kitchen Mini-Remodel Underway

Although I'm dying to rip into our bathroom remodel, I first have to get ready for my son's graduation party.  My kitchen has been screaming for attention almost as long as the bathroom.  I can give the kitchen a facelift in time for the party, but the bathroom will take quite a bit longer.  So rather than have a partly finished bathroom, I will have a nicely updated kitchen.  That's the plan anyway.

Round 1 started today.  My son, Tyler (the one graduating), helped me.  We are scraping popcorn ceiling texture off the kitchen and living room ceilings.

Don't you love that shirt...Harry the Platypus!

What. A. Mess!  We still have a way to go.  That's a lot of scraping!  We made it about halfway across the kitchen this afternoon. 

I draped everything with old shower curtains to keep the mess to a minimum.  But that doesn't stop all of it.  I kept taking them out and shaking them, and sweeping as I went to keep it from spreading all over the house.

Even though it's messy and tiring, it is easy to do.  The tools are simple: a spray bottle of water, a large scraper, a rag and a bucket of water.  

Spray a small area two times, wait a few seconds, then start scraping.  I used a drywall blade because it is very sturdy and wide which made it go faster.  You might need a smaller scraper for any tight areas.  When spraying near the walls, wipe any drips or you'll have nasty dirty trails down your wall.  After scraping, go back and start washing with a rag and bucket of water.  You'll need to change the water frequently it gets dirty fast.  

It's tedious, dirty, overhead work, but the results are so worth it.  This is almost the last space I'll have to do this in.  I've removed texture from a room and hallway upstairs, and in my daughter's room.   It's also in the bathroom, hallway and office, but that's going to get ripped out when we gut those spaces for the new bathroom, so no more scraping, except maybe the part that will be turned into a pantry. 

Next will be painting the ceiling, then on to adding detail and painting the cupboards.  They are going white.  I'm so done with the green!  Now I'm off to Tyler's friend's choir concert...if I can get popcorn texture out of my hair :P

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  1. This is not an easy job:)
    I wish you a pleasant and nice weekend,kisses:)


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