Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Kichen Countdown: Days 5-7

The holidays slowed progress on the kitchen a bit. But I still got a lot done in the past 3 days. The soffit and window trim in the kitchen are done. Windows are a pain!

Yesterday I cut out all the trim pieces for the upper cabinets. That was a little tedious because each door, or set of doors, are different. These cabinets were built right onto the wall. They had to have been built a long time ago, although they are plywood, so they may not be original. Our farmhouse was built over 100 years ago. Plywood wasn't introduced until 1928, so I imagine these were made later.

Although they are built really well, I hated them. When we first moved here they were blond wood...no stain, just varnish. It made painting them really easy. But I am so over the green. I also disliked the plain, flat doors. So hubby cut some strips of 1/4" MDF at work from materials that would have just been thrown away.

Yesterday he and I worked at running them through the table saw to put a 45 degree beveled edge on them. Then I measured each door and cut, and beveled the short edges on the compound miter saw. It took me a little more than an hour to cut out the strips for just the upper cabinets. Hopefully tomorrow I will get the lower ones done.

Today I cut and pasted the beadboard wallpaper panels for the upper cabinets, and primed the strips. I'll paint the fronts and the strips seperately, then glue and nail the strips onto the doors. That will eliminate trying to cut the wallpaper to fit into each panel. When I get them all done, and after the graduation party, I'll put up a tutorial on how I did them.

I also used deck wash on both front and back decks in preparation for staining them later this week. Gahh! So much work yet to be done.

I was so excited when Jamie walked in with a package that came in the mail. My drawer pulls arrived! They are so gorgeous. I can't wait to install them, but I have to finish painting first. All the more reason to get it done!

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