Saturday, April 19, 2014

Spring Vignettes

Easter vignette

I'm a little slow on the giddy up and go, but I finally put together a couple of Easter spring vignettes.  I'm considering them spring vignettes, so I can keep them out probably Christmas, snort! When there is so much "big" stuff to do on the house, it's hard to focus on the little stuff, like pretty spring vignettes.

My boys just roll their eyes when I start shoving things around, growling about their crap stuff laying around because mama wants to decorate. Truth be told, I have as much or more crap stuff laying around as they do.  Okay fess, up people.  Please tell me you do this.

I'm going to miss that big honkin' recliner when she gets the boot for something smaller and so much prettier. I"m going to lose my hiding spot!

On to much prettier things. Tux photo bombed every one of these pictures. I didn't have the heart to make him move.

 It needs a little something more. I have an idea, but no time to do it before Easter. It will be a spring something anyway.

Is it my imagination, or does bunny look a little nervous? He's keeping a close eye on Tux!  

 I wanted a little pink this Easter.  I love pink, but in small doses. I created a little pink nest with some pink raffia from Dollar Tree and laid it atop some spanish moss, then added the green moss around the edges. The ribbons were in my stash that I am trying to downsize. A single perfect white egg will "hatch" into some wrapped Easter candy on Sunday morning. Maybe it will become a Cadbury egg!

The vase of flowers was quickly thrown together, but I think I will seperate these two. Like I said, I love pink, but I think I will spread it around a little more.

Okay, I cropped Tux out of this one. Sorry Tux, you are just a little picture hog.

Happy Easter! May your cats sleep and the Easter bunny be safe. 

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  1. Ok, cats enjoy Easter decorations too! He is so cute and looks awesome in your couch! I love your vignette, specially the big White bunny!
    Happy and blessed Easter.

  2. Happy Easter, Deborah---or should I say Spring? Your kitty is so cute- I would not have had the heart to move him either! LOVE the big white bunny! xo Diana

  3. Hi Deborah, Love your springtime vignette and your bunny is precious. Your kitty is a darling so comfy on the sofa. Love the nest too. Wishing you a special and very Blessed Easter.

  4. yes, sorry to admit that I have more yuck lieing around than I wish to admit! Love your beautiful Easter decorations!

  5. I'm worried that Tux doesn't know how to relax!!!!!

  6. Love it! Pinned! Thank you for being part of our party. Please stop by Tuesday morning and share one of your amazing creations.
    Happy Saturday! Lou Lou Girls

  7. Deborah....I especially love how you used the music sheets to line your tray. I have to remember to do that! :) I love your cat's name and he is beautiful!! Everyone has places they stash stuff I'm sure. I just know that the one and only time I ever stashed dirty dishes in the oven I got caught. Remind me to tell you the story later. :) Thanks for sharing your vignettes with us at Project Inspire{d}!! And have a blessed week!


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