Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Winner and a Gorgeous Climbing Rose

Remember me?  Woo boy have I been a bad blogger!  I won't bore you with details of why I haven't blogged other than to say I should just shut down my blog in May and June every year.  It is always a crazy time for me.

In all the craziness, I even forgot my giveaway!  Bad, bad blogger.  I'm standing in the corner in shame :(  But I did finally get there!  My lucky winner is comment #1 by Lynn from Lynn's Homespun Country.  Congratulations Lynn!

Life will become more sane after this week, and hubby has said he will try to start moving the plumbing or adding electric outlets this weekend.  The whole craft room is stalled until then.  It is driving me crazy, but I can't complain; we have both been so busy lately.

I'll leave you with a picture of  my red climbing rose.  It was originally a Joseph's coat rose, but it died back so that the rootstock took over.  I believe it to be a Dr. Huey rose.  Anyway, it was absolutely gorgeous this year!


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