Friday, December 14, 2012

Craft Room: TV Cabinet Turned Storage Cabinet

Once again I have pulled my disappearing act.  I have been busy, but I'll spare you the yada, yada details.  There has been a whole lot of banging, clanging, grunting and groaning...that last would be me getting up off the floor.  It's hard to do it gracefully anymore.   It's more of a pitch forward, a lurch, then a stumble and a shuffle of feet as I try to get my legs moving again. Getting old is not for wimps!

Now that I've painted that picture, let me put a prettier one in your mind.  My disappearance has been partly due to work on the craft room.  It is coming along nicely and will be usable, though not finished, very soon (as in maybe by this weekend)!

There is still much to be done, but have a peek at what's been goin' on round here.  I found this tall oak entertainment center at the Salvation Army on half price day.  I know I had a better picture of the before, but I'll be darned if I can find it.  It made a nice work surface while laying on it's side though.

I had to remove about 1 1/2 inches from the top so that it would fit under the heat ducts.  First I pried off the trim at the top, then I used a circular saw to trim off the excess.  Sorry, no pictures of me sawing it off.  Holding a camera while using a circular saw is not smart.  

After we set it up, quite a feat in itself, I primed it with Kilz.  I thought I might have to use Zinsser primer to cover up that oak, but the Kilz worked.  Then I gave it 2 coats of white paint.

I was going to paint the inside, but changed my mind.  There was too much fussy stuff to paint around in there, and it will be closed most of the time anyway.  Yes, I got lazy.  My painting hand is turning into a claw from overuse!

I knew that part of the doors would be chalk paint, and I love how they turned out, but I didn't want to do all the doors in chalk.

So I thought, and I thought.  I do a lot of thoughting.  I finally hit on an idea. I turned to my Silhouette Cameo and printed out a stencil on contact paper.  It was a bit fussy to work with, but I soon had a rhythm going.

After it dried, I lightly sanded it, which dragged some of the black onto the white.  It was one of those heart stopping moments, when you think you just ruined a project, but then you realize it couldn't have been more perfect!

It still need to add knobs, and I'm thinking of stenciling the top four panels too.  I just think it looks a little top heavy.  I would still leave the squares plain.  Any thoughts?

I have more to show you, but that's for another post.  I promise it won't be two months this time :(

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Pretty Rosette Basket And Another Craft Room Update

My back and neck are feeling much better, so today I was down in the craft room, where I tackled putting the 'new' old entertainment center back together.  Rather than replacing the old doors on the bottom of the middle section, I created a desk area, where I can work on jewelry or other small projects.  There are still several details to finish, but it's up and it fits the spot perfectly!

Earlier this week, I painted this pretty basket I found at a thrift store.  I liked the rosettes, but it needed some love.

Once again I used gray primer and gesso to give the basket a weathered look.  I painted the primer on with a sponge brush, then used a 1 inch regular brush to get into the crevices.

 After that dried, I used an old stiff brush to apply a liberal amount of gesso.  

Then I used a paper towel to wipe most of it back off.

Then I played again.  Do you play with your projects?  I can't get white pumpkins around here, so I spray painted three little orange ones.  I really like the stem on this one.  It looks almost sculptural against the wall.

This planter is up by the house and hasn't been frosted out yet.  It's so beautiful, I'm thinking of bringing it in for the winter.

This basket is available in my Etsy Store.  Until the next project...keep crafting!

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Another Craft Room Update -

A turtle would have had it done by now!  I am making very slow progress in the craft room, but progress none the less.

I made a raised base for my old entertainment center, that will be my new jewelry center.  We've had water leaks in the basement before, and although I've filled holes, used Dryloc and the floor has been tiled to a sump pump, I just don't trust it to never leak.  I used treated lumber to raise it up about an inch off the floor.

If you have a bookcase or entertainment center made out of particle board, you can firm up the base this way.  As you can see this one was a little worse for wear.  Fortunately this side will be right up against the wall, so this side won't even show.

Ken cut the boards to the right width for me at work (it's easier than hauling out the table saw).  Then I cut them to the lengths I needed.  

These little brackets that held the front trim on, gave me some trouble at first.  My board needed to  sit right on top of them, but then would not sit flush or level.  Dremel to the rescue!  

First I marked my board where the bracket was.

I used the router bit to carve out a shallow area where the bracket met the board.  

It's not going to be a perfect cut, but it doesn't matter for this application.  

Now my board fits right over those brackets.

I know, bad picture, but in a room with no windows, and only one overhead light (for now), crouched down in a corner, that's the best I could do.

After I attached the first board with screws, I attached the side pieces to it and to the sides of the cabinet.  For the back piece I toenailed (angled) my screws into the sides.  I also countersunk them with a countersink bit so they would not stick out and scratch the walls.

Now I have the other side to do, add the top back on the middle and add the desktop between.

Piece of cake!

If it Weren't For Bad Luck I'd Have No Luck At All...

When it rains it pours.  Well, today was a warm, sunny, very wind day, but I'm not referring to the weather.  Three weeks ago I got sick, a cold that ended up as a sinus infection and lasted for over two weeks.  Last week I rammed my little toe into a 50 pound bag of flour (that I hadn't dealt with yet because I was sick) and broke it. I've been hobbling around on my fancy new shoe.

Then yesterday I stretched and threw my upper back/neck out, so I've been plastered to the recliner with a very stiff neck.

Okay, I'm all done whining now.  I did use the time to catch up on some blogs, do some inventory and list some more items on Etsy.  Before my back went out, I worked on a couple of projects.  I'll post those later.  I've got to hit the hay. My childhood best friend is coming to town tomorrow.  I can't wait to see her!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Meet My Black Australorps

The chickens are doing great.  I brought the black Australorps home a couple of weeks ago.  They settled in like nothing had happened.  They have established that they are at the top of the pecking order though.  Compared to Mama and her chicks, they are quite a bit bigger and like to throw their weight around.  So far there haven't been any real problems though.  

I'm getting two eggs from these sassy ladies most days (one egg each).  So far Mama is not laying yet.  She doesn't want to cut the apron strings yet.

The chickens love tomatoes!  

 Mama's babies are growing up.  The largest one is almost as big as she is.  They still run to her for protection though.  She's a good Mama.

Ahem, ladies and gents, could you face the camera please.  I'm starting to get a complex.

That's better.  Birds of a feather, flock together.  This is the whole gang saying, "come back and see us ya hear?"

Friday, October 19, 2012

A Cloche Call

I love all the cloches I've seen in on so many blogs, but had none of my own...gasp!  No self respecting blogger should be without a cloche!  I kid :)

One fine day while I was strolling through Habitat Restore, I spied twins of these curvy ladies.  They called out to me as I approached them.  

I love that moment when inspiration wells up from the depths of your being and bursts brilliantly through your know, the light bulb goes on.  I think they are from outdoor lights like this one:

4 House Lighting

I love the imperfections in their glass like this bubble.  They aren't as young as they used to be, so the glass has yellowed slightly giving them a beautiful vintage look.  Some gals just age well, but these two were tight-lipped.  They wouldn't tell me their secret.

First I removed the rubber rings around the bottom by slicing ever so gently through them with a zacto knife.  They didn't even flinch!  I think it was like wearing a tight girdle...they felt so much better after I released them from their bindings.

Next I primed their metal tops gray.  Kind of like getting a perm, in reverse.  Gray is so in you know.  But they needed some highlights.

So I used a technique of Rosemary, from Villabarnes, to give it an old world look, by painting on and then wiping off white gesso.  Now the twins are stylin' don't you think?

Then one of the twins and I started playing.  We played in the house for awhile...We played hide seek with my mini stacked pumpkins, but I kept finding them.  Her hiding places are so transparent. 

It was so beautiful outside that we had to go play in the sun for a bit.  We sunned ourselves on a rock for awhile, but it was a little too bright in her eyes.

So we moved to the front deck at the north of the house, and sat on the stairs.  

When that got boring, we decided to move around to the east side of the house. next to Mr. Galvanized Tub.  I introduced the two and it was love at first sight.

She's a bit of a loner, so her twin sister decided to move out.  She's available in my Etsy shop waiting for someone to adopt her and play with her too. Update - SOLD

Playing isn't just for kids you know!  

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