Monday, February 18, 2013

How Pinteresting Monday - Bits & Bobs Container

Can you tell I'm in organizing mode? I think all my Pinteresting Monday's have been about storage and organizing so far. Nothings changed. This week it's all about those little bitty bits that I never know what to do with. They are too small for a box or bin of their own, but I do need them. I usually throw them in a whipped topping container, or something similar. So. Not. Pretty.

Can you also tell that I'm reusing and repurposing anything and everything for storage containers?  I'm creating this craft room on a bare bones budget, so anything that will save me $$ is not safe from my paint brush, or in this case, my bottle of mod podge.  Long ago I pinned these sweet little containers, which are just cans covered with pretty paper.

Last year, while cruising T.J. Maxx, I found some rolls of printed kraft paper.  I liked this one with clocks on it.  So I gathered my supplies.

Mod Podge
wrapping paper
sponge brush 
metal container

Pewter Rub 'n Buff
clock charm

Stick on round labels
Walnut Ink

 I rubbed some of the Rub 'n Buff on the gold clock charm to tone down the shiny gold.  Using the Walnut Ink, I spritzed a tiny bit on the label, dipped my finger in water and rubbed it around.  I also decided to add a bead.  Each of these got a jump ring added.  Not shown is a small length of chain to attach the clock and bead to.  You can see I penciled my Bits & Bobs onto the label.

I measured the width and circumference of the side, then cut paper to fit.  For the lid, I traced under the rim, then cut out a circle and kept trimming it off, a little at a time, to get it the right size. The label looked a little small for the can, so to give it some umph, I mod podged this vellum clock face onto the can first.

Finally, I added the charm and bead onto the chain, and attached the chain to the label's jumpring, then used a pop dot (scrapbooking) to the back and pressed it on. Here you can see I also went over my penciled title with a fine point marker.

Now my little tin is ready and waiting for all the little bits 'n bobs I will be tossing inside.

Sure beats a whipped topping container don't you think?

Until next time, keep craftin' and smilin' :)

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  1. Very, very, very cute, Deborah. I love that paper and I love the organization you have there~ xo Diana

  2. I am glad to know someone else saves all the containers to make storage bins. My husband thought I was saving them for recycling and put them out on the curb. I had to go rescue them. I love how elegant this one is - something special will have to be stored there.

  3. Adorable! Great idea, I am totally in love with walnut ink too, I think it makes anything look old!!!


  4. visiting from Kammy's corner!!Love this too cute!!

  5. You did a fabulous make over on that tin. Looks like something you would buy at Home Goods. Love the paper and the charms too.

  6. How cute! What a great idea!


  7. Super cute container!! It turned out great. Thanks for sharing this at Romance on a dime!!

  8. Too cute! Has a vintage feel to it :) Love how it looks with your newspaper boxes!

  9. How cute is that!! Love it!

    Thanks for linking up at The DIY Dreamer... From Dream To Reality! See you tomorrow evening! :)

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